Family Time

Had a wonderful trip to Holiday World yesterday. First of all, the trip was entirely free- VU provides tickets to its employees and even springs for lunch. The only downside is that it is always on a Sunday (better for VU, I'm sure, bad for me who misses church terribly when she's not able to go).

Next, Jim decided to ride his bike over with his mom and dad. Becky's plan- ride in the Durango with the kids, of course! I'm just not your motorcycle mama... but the look on his face made it clear that he wanted me to ride with him. Being the good 1 Peter 3:5 wife that I am (baaaa haaaa! I wish- working on that!) I strapped on my helmet and hopped on back for the hour-long ride to Santa Clause, Indiana. You know what there is to do when you are sitting on the back of a bike for an hour? Nothing. No music (Jim tried to share his mp3 player with me, but it wasn't working out). Limited opportunities to converse. No way to talk on the cell. No texting. So what did I do? Praised the Lord! I prayed! I sang! It was amazing. Hands on his back I prayed for Jim. I prayed for our day together. Prayed for the church service I was missing. And yes, I prayed for a protection over our little caravan! Singing songs at the top of my lungs that only He could hear. And I know He was listening...

Because at the park that day, Jim was so WITH us. Not taking off with his dad to ride every available roller coaster a dozen times. Not trying to dump the kids with grandma so we can skip all the kiddy rides. He was just with us. When his mom suggested he and Don split off to ride something, Jim actually said "Nah, I think I'll ride with the kids for a while"... and it was sooooo much fun for them. And it meant so much to me. In fact, it was us and both sets of grandparents all day, which was a double blessing for all of us.

Splashin' Safari was life changing. I'm committed to not allow myself to become some of those people. Seriously, not trying to be catty at all, but I have slowly gained pound after pound with no end in sight. If I don't stop, I now have a clear visual of what next year will be like. Not happening.

I was not humiliated on the Turkey Shooters (imagine turkey hunting with a laser gun under black light)! I improved my score from last year by 600% (yes, that means I WAS humilated last year!) My mom got the award for humilating Holiday World moment as she became stuck at the top of the Racer water slide (think giant slide at the fair, except much gianter, on your belly, with water...) She could NOT get herself going once she was on her belly. It took Lee AND the slide attendant to get her started. It was amazing. We have learned that Tali, not Zach, is our daredevil. She will ride anything that her yellow wristband allows, and squealing with delight afterwards will scream "again! again! again!" Zach requires coersion and at times, bribery, to ride anything that is not a bumper boat in water. Fortunately he enjoyed nearly everything we forced him to ride, with one exception. I will at some point have pictures (used Susan's camera) of him riding a little mini-liberty launch type ride with his sister. LOOK OF SHEER TERROR on his face. And me, the cold hearted mother laughing so hard I have tears going down my cheeks as I happily snap shots of his fear. I would like to say that Jim and Don didn't bribe him to ride it again ($6)... but they did. And we laughed again. Terrible, terrible people.

Oh, and on our way out Pat Koch (you know, "Hi! I'm Pat Koch" of Holiday World commercial fame) stopped Don to ask about his hands. It touched him that she cared enough to inquire about it. He told her a bit of his story, and ended with how blessed he was not to have been burnt worse. It was pretty cool.

We are all pooped today, but no one is complaining- not even my mom with her sun-burnt patterned feet. All in all, it was a great day. But I didn't ride home on the bike. Jim warned me there would be a lot of bugs. Squished smashed bugs at 60mph. No thanks.


Christy said...

Becky that's great! Sounds like something I would do to my kids. What kind of parents are we??? lol

Lauren said...

I am sooo glad you all were so blessed. Rejoicing with you!