the graduate

go ahead... say it...


now, you got it out of your system.

regardless of your thoughts on preschool graduation, you have to admit that this is adorable! look at how PROUD he is. hat slightly crooked. diploma in hand. holding his beloved porkchop close to his heart (fyi, porkchop was a traveling stuffed dog that came home with the kids on a rotating basis. as their parting gift each child gets a little porkchop replica).

i honestly cannot believe he's going to kindergarten in the fall. zach in school all day. five days a week. my heart is breaking in my chest as i write this! and i know... i fear... that in the blink of an eye i'll be taking a picture of him with high school diploma in one hand, girlfriend's hand in the other. [literally shuddering at the thought].

i cannot possibly express how this little man has change my life. the joy he brings. how he makes me laugh. how different he is from his sister. how much he is like his father. how much i love him.

sorry about the mush. but it's bound to happen when a mom is looking at a picture of her extraordinarily adorable 5 year old in a hat and gown.


Lauren said...

oh, i can't take it anymore. He's too cute for words!

Nicole said...

So, first thought when I saw the picture - "Why does HE get to keep Porkchop?" Then I read on. I feel moderately dorky now.