friday flashback

Maybe a scrapbook page is a strange post for a Friday Flashback... but this is definitely a flashback for me! This is one of my favorite pictures of all time of Zachary... and the title... is perfect... because truth be told Zach did fall in love with dirt at a very young age. And the infatuation has not eased a bit! My little man is just about a year old in this photo, and ranges from one to three in the pics on the page below. How he has grown! Look at those dimpled little baby hands! His short, short hair! Chubby little cheeks! But the saaaame beautiful brown eyes! And the same passioned response to dirt, mud, sand [doesn't matter as long as it's dirty]. Just tonight after remaining relatively clean through his entire ball game... giving the big high-fives... grabbing a drink at the concession stand... I am talking to family when I turn to see Z running with great gusto from third to home... and you guessed it, the only kid on the field and he's sliding head first into home. The kid loves dirt.

This flashback has duel purpose for me, though. It's about more than the amazing picture of my little man... it's about the scrapbook layout itself. See, I understand the passion Zach has for dirt... I feel that way when I see beautifully patterned paper. Dotted ribbon. Chipboard letters. Heidi Swapp. Basic Grey. But somehow, the last six or so months, I lost complete sight of that. I seldom, if ever, thought scrapping, much less pulling out my beloved pictures of my beloved family and actually cutting and pasting myself into oblivion. The feeling of my sanding block almost forgotten. I could actually go places without the stain of ink on my finger tips.

And although I didn't realize it, I missed it. Terribly.

Then, a week ago tonight, I went to a crop and actually made a layout featuring my own family [actually just Zach and Amp], and it turned out so cute. The process itself was refreshing and relaxing. It was great to use that creative outlet once again. And I'm so ready for more. I had been out of the game for a while. I'd stayed clean, kept the bits of paper off my dining room floor, and refrained from buying fun new stuff... but guess what... I feel like I just ran from third base and slid face first in to home. I'm thinking tomorrow I've got some pictures calling my name. Watch out world, 'cause Becky's got her scrap on!

update: just fyi- that beautifully patterened paper you see. basic grey. just so you know what get's my blood pumping ;) and this layout was created for the $20,000 scrapbook contest in 2006.

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