about my total lack of blogging. It's not been for lack of things to blog about. Life has been blessedly busy lately with tons I'd love to share.... just very limited time! Zach graduated preschool. Tali is now in the market for a new school [since Z will be invading her territory at NK in the fall!] Baby Kolten was born on Sunday a beautiful 8lbs 4oz (pray for the jaundice issue!). The AMAZING SYTYCD party hosted by Lauren last week. A Memorial Day spent cleaning and making over kitchen cabinets. Spending the night scrapbooking with friends on Friday. Lily is as cute as ever, and Sammy has finally decided to love her. Ball season is in full swing and Jim is as busy as ever.

Oh my gosh, I'm tired just thinking about it!

Right now I'm in Indy for a case managers conference. Should be the epitomy of boring, but mandatory so here I am. Coworkers feel it's time to head off for dinner... so away I go :) Hopefully I'll be able to get on later and do some catching up!

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