picture pout

Can someone tell me what the deal is with the "picture pout"... you know the look... subject [nearly always a female] looking sternly directly into the camera with this funky, pouty lip action going on. Not sure what I'm talking about? Spend about a minute on facebook. You'll see what I mean. An otherwise attractive girl with the definite appearance of having sucked on a lemon. Or perhaps still having part of the lemon tucked neatly between her lips and her teeth. Not sure which.

It doesn't look even vaguely natural. I don't get it. What's wrong with a decent little smile?

Sorry for the random musings, and my intensely strange choices of pet peeves.


beverlyj said...

I am glad someone else gets a bit irked about that too! It looks silly not sexy as I am assuming that is what they are going for. Kind of misses the mark by a mile. Sucking your cheaks in doesn't make them look skinny or sexy it just makes them look like they are trying to make a fishy face. So more power to the fishy face if they are trying to entertain a child. If not it is just lame. Stop it.

Carol said...

lol! Inquiring minds want to know.