have you missed me?

because i have missed you, big beautiful world! i have been soooooooo sick the last few days. not so much the icky snotty head stuff of a few weeks ago... more the icky coughing chest stuff that landed my beautiful mom in the hospital. of late, i've been spending a ton of time lying on the couch. i've had the sweetest nurse ever, and quite possibly the cutest. while tali went to school, spent the night at brooke's, and helped kaden down the aisle in a wedding today, my little man zach hung with mom and retrieved many drinks from the fridge and fluffed pillows upon request.

although the inability to breathe was more-than-annoying... the time spent with zach was precious. i spend so much time running tali to activities, picking her up from school, helping her with homework... this massive time-out with zach was much needed. there was much time spent cuddling on the couch and bonding over video games. it was good for both of us.

as for mom- she's out of the hospital now, but still feeling really rough. massive doses of steroids have her climbing the walls a bit, and in talking on the phone she's still really short of breath (that's SOB in case manager short-hand btw- i'm so juvenile i still giggle a little when i read it in casenotes!) and has a really nasty cough. prayers are really, really appreciated... she certainly doesn't want to end up having to go back to the willow street hilton...

love ya all!

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Anna Osmon said...

I wondered why you hadn't posted in so long :( hah! I love you! Hope you and your mom feel better soon!