alas... no puppy...

it was reservation day for pups at this site i've been following. three little wriggling bundles of cuteness to be posted, those of us on the waiting list could then email them with the pup of our choice and the one with the fastest gmail skills wins... mail deposit and five weeks later pick up your new fur baby. today, i was NOT the one with the fastest gmail skills and i also had to be the one to tell tali that we did not get the yorkie pup of her dreams.

my generally-so-level-headed daughter did not take the news well. daddy tried to talk her into a boy pup that had not been reserved, but tali could not bring herself to put those cute little doggy dresses on a boy, therefore the purpose of having said yorkie pup of her dreams would be out the window.

there is a silver lining to this tale of a little girl's heartbreak. due to a little error in their posting of the pups, and the general sweetness of the owners of the operation... i've been promised a little girl from their next litter. so we are officially expecting! her due date is april 16th, but she won't be able to join our family until early june. baby puppy's mommy is givus kisses, so be praying hard that she delivers at least ONE female!

yay for silver linings!

[and we're taking suggestions on names... remember jim has the power of the veto... princess is already out]


beverlyj said...

Poor Tali! I will be so glad when she has her little baby girl in her hot little hands! (wearing a pink tutu of course ) :)

Anna Osmon said...

What about Emma?