the great puppy debate

so we know we are going to get tali a puppy (zach is getting a whites tree frog- it's the perfect level of responsibility for him). tali SAYS she wants a yorkie... so we find them... i show her pictures of adult yorkies, and she says "that's not what i want". we are having a difficult time correlating cute little black and tan puppy grows into beautiful long haired silver (blue) and tan adults.

jim and i, after hours spent looking over the internet at various mixes of dogs, have determined that what she *really* wants is a yorkie-something mix... right now we are leaning toward a yorkie-maltese mix (a morkie). we have also considered a yorkie-shih tzu mix (a shorkie), or jim's favorite the yorkie-schnauzer mix (a snorkie). tali's not a fan of the schnauzer, even as a pup she says "that's just not my dog"! sorry jim. we have ruled out some mixes- yorkie-bichon mix (yochon) as the bichon is not good with children; yorkie-chihuahua mix (i don't know, a yo-chi? or a yorhuahua?) we are worried would be too small; yorkie-poodle (yorkie poo) mix are adorable, would probably be wonderful dogs... we just don't want any poo in our dog- no good reason, just don't want it! lol

we have found some morkies just north of terre haute - which is relatively close in the great puppy search - but we still aren't totally settled that's what we should get. especially since in a lot of cases these mix breed pups (glorified mutts!) are as costly as their purebred cousins. uggggggh. personality-wise, yorkie and maltese are both a good fit for our family. size wise the ones we found are nice... about 5-6 lbs so not those little-tiny-zach-could-break-them pups so many people have for sale.

i don't know... i'm getting a headache trying to figure it all out! it's like adopting a furry child and we want to get the right one for t-bird... i envision this being the pup that is with her all through growing up. maybe we'll go to the pet port today and luck out... our dream dog will steal her heart. i know the right dog will wag it's way into our life soon enough, i just wish it were like yesterday! on a positive note, if all else fails, we can still get the yorkie that would be ready to come home in june.

on a super-positive note- bev, garry, and grace should be getting their new little fur-baby today! their affenpinscher is coming home to his forever family and i'm so glad for them!!! the loss of fez has been hard on everyone, especially sweet little layla and she needs a companion so badly. seems like this pup is going to be the perfect fit for their family. we can wait a little while for our pup (it's just for fun, after all), but they really needed to fill that hole in their family quickly and i'm so glad God worked it out for them!

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