Jim was sorting through some things this morning, as I listened from the other room I heard:

Jim: "Here, take this to your mommy"
Tali: "But who is it?"
Jim: "Who do you think it is?"
Tali: "I don't know"
Jim: "Well, look at it, who does it look like?"
Tali: "Zach?"
Jim: "No, Zach's not even that old, look at it."
Tali: "Me?"
Jim: "No, that's not you... look at it."
Tali: "I don't know..."
Jim: "That's ME when I was a little boy."
Tali: "Then where is your moustache?"

Update: Jim spent the rest of the day trying to convince the children that he was in fact NOT born with a moustache. At Kaden's birthday party he even made his mom tell them that he had a sweet, smooth little baby face... but my kids simply refuse to believe it. Apparently their daddy without a moustache just isn't their daddy at all.