It seemed like such a good thing...

I love Vicks Vapor-Rub. I love the smell. I love that it actually works. So when I saw the Puff's Tissue with Vicks it was an easy sell... anyway we've used our fair share of kleenex lately, so it was time for something new and exciting. I was so thrilled by this treasure [it's the little things, folks, the little things], I photographed it for inclusion in my blog. Who wouldn't want to share such a joy with their friends? Just the smell of the tissue next to the loveseat kept my sinuses nice and open.

But, alas, it was too good to be true. Tali, the most recent to succumb to the nasty-bug-of-the-century, also a lover of the Vicks Vapors, used the tissues for about six hours. And promptly broke out into a rash. Sadly, no pictures of the rash to share. The tissues don't seem to bother me, therefore their purchase was not in vain... but those of you with sensitive snouts may wish to stay away (and Seth, you better not even think about it!)

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