[check out that smile... a real ladies man, right... guess again]

Jim, sitting on the couch with Tali who has been under the weather all day sends Zach on several errands. First, find a hair brush. Zach is able to accomplish that with no help at all. Next, need some kleenex (not the Vicks kind, refer to post below). This task required only minimal assist in locating the correct kind of kleenex. Third, get the thermometer...

Jim: "It's right there on the shelf"

Zach looks around aimlessly.

Jim: "No, there next to you, look up a little"

Zach: "I not see it. Why do I hab to det eberything?"

Jim: "Because today you're my little slave boy, there... it's right by your hand"

Zach, finding the thermometer and taking it to daddy: "I'm not your slave... her is" pointing to me.

Jim: "Oh, yeah, right buddy."

Zach: "Well, her is your wife, her is your slave."

Our little comedian. Because that was obviously a joke.


Lauren said...

In the words of Patti Alexander: "I will do anything [Tom] asks me to do. But he better not TELL me to do anything!"

Zach may need to work on his game a little.

Nicole said...

That's priceless!