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Today's guest photo blog is brought to you by Tali. Mommy is particularly proud of the portrait of the white kitty. Nice composition, huh? She worked very hard for these shots (the one below especially). It is NOT easy to get two dozen unruly animals all settled in and looking at the camera at the same time. And the COMPLAINING... the penguins were too hot, the frogs too cold... but she is a determined photographer. It took an hour before she was able to take her first picture.

This is a regular kind of occurance at our house. Walking into the living room to find Tali has strategically stacked, arranged, and organized her beloved stuffed animals on the couch, or floor, or loveseat... or all three. We have now actually granted her a small shelving unit on which she can fit exactly 31 of her beloveds. Thirty one. She counts them every time. And given the opportunity to take pictures... these are the special treasures we get. A glimpse of the world through a little girl's heart.

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Lauren said...

love the kitty pic. Tali takes better photos than me for sure :)