My dancer falls asleep on the seat beside me and I am left with my prayer-thoughts and the darkness stretching out ahead.  The Word He has whispered is "Lightbearers"... but what does that mean, really... "I have called you all to be Lightbearers...in your homes, communities, and world..."


An onslaught of light comes at me in pairs. They show the way ahead for the ones behind the wheel. Small bursts of light breaking into the darkness. It's incredible, isn't it, what two small headlights can do in a world full of night? Is this what it means to be a Lightbearer? To carry His Light within us so that it may reveal the path ahead?

Distracted from the steady line of light moving toward me, my eyes are drawn to to the soft orange glow of the streelamps lining the exit. Lightbearers illuminating the way to a new road. A new way. A direction change. Maybe this is what it is to bear His light? Lighting the turn before others, so that they may find the way that leads to life?

And then, at the end of the exit are more lights, shining from the ground to the billboard above. Attention drawn from the world swirling around to the message and color splashed across the larger than life image. Perhaps this is it? Surely this what He means by being a bearer of Light? Holding the spotlight on the One to whom our attention is deserved? Pointing toward Him and so doing allowing His message to crash into the lives of others?

I sense His presence. A soft whisper, a deep truth "it is all of these, and more". His Light within us illuminates the path He has laid out before us. Bearing His Light gives us direction, purpose, enlightenment. It shows the way for others, causing them to desire something new. Causing them to turn toward life. As His light fills us, it should seep from our pores, shining into the darkness around us... always, always pointing to Him. It is the green light that says "go"... the red one that stops us in our tracks. It is the flashing yellow light that warns of danger up ahead. It is the flashing turn signals informing the world that we are headed in a new direction.

But being a Lightbearer is hard. There are times, so many times, that we need encouraged in this calling. And so He had been speaking to my heart... showing me a vision of an auditorium full of women. Truth and love and encouragement pouring from the stage. Many parts of the same Body coming together, seeking the Light. The idea was wonderful. The vision was beautiful.

And here we are on the verge of vision-turned-reality, announcing the first annual "Lightbearers Women's Conference"!

If you are ready to be empowered and equipped to be a Lightbearer in your home, our community, and the world... join us. If you have been bearing His Light for a long time, and need encouraged... join us. If you have seen the Light seeping from others and are drawn to take the exit that leads to life... join us. This conference is for you. It is for me.

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