it's the thought that counts

I talked to my mom earlier today, and she shared with me how excited my hubby is about Christmas this year. Apparently, he has purchased me a gift - which in itself is a miracle... it's been years since Jim got my gift before Christmas Eve- and he's about to bust he's so excited about it. Clandestine phone calls, sneaking behind my back, swearing my son to secrecy... the whole kit & kaboodle.

Admittedly, it makes me *very* intrigued as to what my gift is. I'm sure if I applied much pressure, Zach would fold... but I'd rather spend the next week and a half basking in my husbands excitement at surprising me.

He's not been giddy like this in a long time. Especially when it comes to me. All I can say is, God is good... and the most amazing gift I've received this year is the restoration of our marriage!

Yay God! And Yay Jim! I love you both :)


Nicole said...

I'm impresses that Zach is keeping the secret. I remember that age and happen to know another little boy about that age who would be having quite a tough time keeping it a secret. Can't wait to hear what it turns out to be!

Lauren said...

Pssssh. I would grill the kid like a BBQ chicken.

so you're a better woman than I.

and let me just say this, already I know I'm not getting a puppy! One down, two hundred and fifty million guesses to go!

beverlyj said...

I know what you are getting. :)