friday flashback (may 2007)

We were sitting in the living room when sudden movement caught my eye- and that of our cat, Precious... it was a mouse in the house. Doing as any self-respecting cat would, Precious pounced. I silently cheered her on- Jim was at work and I didn't know how else to deal with the creepy little critter. A moment later and Tali and Zach joined me in watching the commotion, until Tali realized what was going on...

"Stop her! Stop her!" Tali yelled.

"What about the stupid mouse, Tali???"

"I'll catch it!!!!" at this point, she was nearing hysteria so I grabbed the cat.

The mouse sat there, stunned.

"How are you going to catch it?" I said smartly.

Tali was already in motion- grabbing a sock from the laundry basket she pulled it over her hand. The mouse was beginning to wake from it's daze, so she had to chase it around the living room as I restrained Precious (note I never offered to assist in the mouse catching) and Zach cheered his sister on from a safe distance. If my memory serves me... that was in the living room, standing on the couch.

Sure enough, our little wildlife activist caught the mouse, and decided that she would release it across the street. At an age when most girls would squeal and run in the next room, Tali was overcome by the thought of this little mouse being injured by her (in my mind) heroic cat. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure (and proof that this is a true story! LOL)

Tali just a few minutes after the rescue. How sweet of her to stand on the porch holding the wriggling mouse while I ran around looking for my camera!

Just after the release, Tali watches closely to make sure the little guy is going to be able to get away. I shudder at the thought of what it would have meant had the rodent been too stunned and/or injured by his ordeal to scamper away.

One last farewell. See the boo-boo on it's little eye? Poor thing. And that's Zach's finger. At this point he's summoned up every bit of courage he has to touch the little thing. At least his sister had the good sense to cover her hand. A brisk washing with antibacterial soap quickly ensued.

Mission complete. I love this picture. So "just another's day work"... in the life of a six year old.

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Christy said...

Omgosh that was great & the pics were good!