yep, that's a lot of water

What a mess things have been with this flood! I had a "you might be a redneck if..." moment as the kids and I went to, yes, look at the river yesterday. But that's not the redneck moment [believe it or not]... as we crossed the bridge on hwy 358 we found about a dozen teenagers, in bathing suits, playing in the flood waters. Imagine me informing Zach that this is NOT a good idea and he would NOT be putting even a toe in the water. He was disappointed, but the force of the water, and the grotesque color of the water, was enough to convince me that, for a change, I was justified in my "no".

Jim has been on flood watch all week, spending the first part of the week hauling sandbags for residents of Edwardsport, Westphalia, and everywhere in between. He worked late into the night every evening. Wednesday he took a break long enough to travel to the same spot the kids and I visited on 358 to get this picture...

If not for the double yellow lines and telephone poles, this could be a picture taken at the ocean! When the kids visited the spot the next day, the road sign you can see near the center of this picture was almost completely under.


beverlyj said...

It breaks my heart for all those people that have lost their homes
:( Water is an amazing and scary thing. I hope it is all cleared out enough for us to get the kids to camp on Sunday. From the looks of that picture I am thinking that it's not going to be easy.

Nicole said...

Your husband was great and I know the boys had a great time swimming. Happy to report here that nearly all Westphalia water has disappeared.