Feelin' the heat.

It may be cold outside... but my cat's not feeling it. Of all times, it chose today with a houseful of people to demonstrate in no uncertain terms that he is not a he after all. He is a she... and she is in heat. Have you had the good fortune to be trapped in a house with a cat in heat? You've honestly never experienced such crying as a cat with...errr... needs...


But it's not her fault. I actually feel kind of sorry for her. As she spent the day on the dining room chair, looking at times beautiful and at others completely miserable, I became mildly obsessed with photographing her. Something about the way the natural light filtering in through the window danced in her gorgeous, big, kitty cat eyes... I couldn't help myself. I was supposed to be working, yet I found myself time and time again snapping pictures. And she liked it too. Although I was not speaking a word, I didn't pet her, no offer of treats for smiles- just me taking pictures... I could hear her purring over the click of my shutter. I'm ashamed to admit I took twice as many pictures of the cat as I did the kids today, but how could I resist my sweet Tiger ... hmmm ... Tigress.

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