devo//God is LIGHT [1 John 1:5-6]

This is the message that we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. If we claim to have fellowship with him, yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth. [1 John 1:5-6]
In yesterday's passage, John reminds his readers that The Life appeared... in flesh and blood, right before their very eyes. We looked at Him! Heard His teachings with our own ears! TOUCHED Him! Eternal life... we knew Him personally, and walked with Him even after His resurrection... He reminds us that the disciples carried with them an eyewitness account so powerful, they were willing to die for it. The Life Appeared and that changed everything.

And now, he goes on... he says this is the message Jesus would want you to know... God is light. Absolute, perfect light- not even a shadow. And if you walk with Him... you will have light too.

Light.  Not one single drop of darkness. Not one shadow of sin. Not one questionable motive. Nothing but light... purity... love... peace. No darkness. At all. None.

And this Light is an indwelling Light. It's a light that says "let me in to the darkness of your heart... allow me free reign to shine my Light on that sin. that secret. that hidden motive. that pride. Won't you allow my Light to cast out ALL darkness?"

Oh, how we say yes. How I enthusiastically nod my head when a preacher says "will you lay it ALL down for His glory?" Oh how I will cry out to the Lord... "If it's not of you, take it! No darkness left at all! No shadow! No will but Yours! No plan but Yours!"

Yet there are still moments when we allow the darkness to creep is, aren't there?

There are still moments when we seek our glory... (just a little teensy weensy bit of glory for ourselves isn't to bad, right?)... when we put ourselves out there to be noticed, instead of pointing to the ONLY One worthy of praise...

There are still times when we allow just a tad of darkness to enter through our television sets, or computers, or the books we read. It's not really pornography if it's printed in black and white, is it? If the pictures are painted in our minds instead of on a screen. It's not really idolatry if I spend more time watching sitcoms than I do in the Word, is it? It's just harmless laughs, checking-out of reality for a few hours...

There are still times when we let our unbridled tongues  slander, belittle, cause strife. When "concern" leads to a prayer request that is a lot more like gossip. When we open the door to sin ever so slightly.

But darkness just needs a little crack... and then it has this way of chipping away at the edges until the crack is larger and larger and larger... and it's pouring in as one by one by one you shut out the Light in your life.

A little more TV a little less Bible. A little more fiction and a little less prayer. A little more gossip and a little less edification. A little more pride and a little less praise.

Light is powerful, yes. But darkness is cunning.

One moment it's just a little darkness... and then a little more... and then a little more... until you are sitting in a room with all the lights out and you don't even notice because your eyes have adjusted to the darkness. It's...somehow comfortable. Had all the lights gone out at once, you would have noticed. But one at a time it's so much easier to adjust. One little sin. One little compromise. One little day not in the Word. One church service missed. And then another, and another... and it becomes easier. Darkness becomes more comfortable.

But there is good news, my friend. Because whether there is a little darkness or total blackness in your heart, you invite the Light and it always wins. A completely blackened room is transformed by one little candle... and the more you fan that flame, the bigger it gets, and the more darkness flees. One confession and the door to darkness is shut... Repentance and Light can rule and reign.

God is light, in Him there is no darkness at all.
If we claim to have fellowship with him yet walk in the darkness, we lie.

Life with Him leaves no room for darkness. His perfect light, His perfect love, His perfect peace, His perfect presence seeks to destroy all of the darkness in your life. Will you allow Him to search your heart today? To search out anything that can be an opening to darkness? To examine your motives for purity? To examine your heart for idols? To examine your mind for distractions?

Will you choose today to walk in the Light?

Father, cleanse us from all unrighteousness! Search our hearts, our minds for anything that is not of you. Shine the bright Light of your glory on these things and bring wisdom to our innermost being... Show us how we can live lives more fully devoted to you- laying down our pride and agendas- and trusting in you alone.

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