Winds of change...

I awoke this first day if 2012 to the sound of wind gusting around our little house.  I look out the window to see the naked trees dancing and straining against its force.

And I think...."the winds of change are blowing"....

Can you feel it? Can you sense it? Can you hear the winds of change?

God is up to something. I sense it on a microscopic scale in my own family. The deeper intimacy He is calling us to. A deeper dependence on Him. It is both exciting and intimidating. Less of me, more of Him. The deepest longing of my heart yet I cannot tell you that it is not frightening. I look into history and scripture and see that the path of the sold out life is not an easy one...

The winds of change, they rearrange things. They remove trampolines and spill garbage in our yards and bring down tree limbs above our heads.

Human nature is to brace ourselves against the wind. To lean in to it, to push through it.  To replace and repair that which it takes from us.

What if, instead, we embrace the wind. We run to the yards with our kite, raise a banner into the wind, a colorful diamond against the sky... We fly and soar and dive and climb with the gusts. What if? What if we trusted the winds?

Or instead, what if we trusted the One who orchestrated this dance of air. Who gives power to the breeze so that mighty trees would bend. What if we trusted?

2011 was an incredible year... it was a year of waiting on Him, and learning to hear His voice on a whole new level. It was a year of stepping into the person He is creating me to be, that one that He imagined as he skillfully wove me together in my mother's womb. It was a year of learning how to trust the only One who is trustworthy.

Yet the measure of our trust is not how loudly we proclaim it, but how quietly we live it.

This morning, as the wind causes fall's leftovers to dance down the street, I sense that this will be a year of learning to live out that trust. That is what I desire... to live a life of trust. A life of knowing His enough-ness no matter what this world may bring. A life of trusting the direction He is blowing me, my family, my church, my community.

Ah, Lord... let 2012 be that year. Let this be the year that we live out our trust in you. That we do not fear the winds of change, but embrace the wind-maker. Let us raise a banner into the gusty air, dance down the streets with the joy of the leaves, glide as the birds on the air currents... Let us walk out a life of TRUST. Trust in You, the One who is faithful in all things...

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