30: God

Today I am thankful for my Father who loves... for the Son who climbed a tree for me... and the sweet, sweet Holy Spirit who brings power and conviction and strength.

I can't think of any other way to wrap up this 30-days of Thanks... but to thank the One who is my all in all. The One through whom all of those other things were made and given to me. The One who looked into our human condition, and seeing that we could not overcome the stain of sin on our own, entered one of these frail frames to bring reconciliation to the world. To me. To my family and my friends. 

I cannot wrap my finite human mind around a God so big that He could speak this universe into existence, yet so personal that He would choose to inhabit this temple.

How is that possible? 

Oh but it is. And it is everything. 

This is my life. He is the One who has ravished my heart and caused me to chase hard after Him. He is the One who picks me up when I fall, and gently turning my face back towards His reminds me that He is all that matters. He brings strength to the weak, joy to the mourning, peace to the storm. 

He is enough

I have written about 29 things that I am thankful for this month... but if any or all of those were taken from me... He is enough. He is enough when the bank says no to the loan. He is enough when the business fails. He is enough when the child is sick. He is enough when the spouse is taken. He is enough when the health is failing. He is enough when the struggles are hard. He is enough when the reputation is questioned. Whatever you are facing today... He is ENOUGH.

Do you really believe that? 

For many years, I have professed that He is enough... and then lived my life clinging to things of this world as though they would somehow supplement His enough-ness. 

In Him we have a Father who is creator, sustainer, provider. In Him we have a Jesus who is lover, bridegroom, Prince of Peace. In Him we have a Spirit who is counselor, comforter, keeper. That is enough.

All of those things I have clung to with white knuckles and fearful heart are by their very nature... temporary. Ethereal. Vapor. It's like grasping at a cloud that will pass through this way but once. But He is eternal. He is the rock. He is the One you can count on. 

Even when He, in His wisdom, requires the highest sacrifice.

I can't tell you why God required my Daddy when I was only twelve years old. But I know that God is good, He is always good, and His ways are good... and so I trust Him. I can't explain why sometimes children are not allowed a childhood. But He is good. He is enough. I don't know why businesses must fail, even when you have labored in prayer for a miracle. But He is good. I don't know why cancer ravages. But He is good. You can trust Him. 

All these are but a blink on the face of time while He is eternity. He is enough.

I pray that He is enough for you today. That regardless of what you are facing in your life, you will cling to the One that will last. That you will seek Him as the prize of your life... really seek Him

For far too long I said He was enough, but I didn't live my life that way. I lived my life seeking the comfortable way. The self-preserving way. As He has opened my eyes to the real condition of the church, I have seen that I am not the only one. 

Dig deep, church. Look into your heart and ask yourself... is He really enough? He wants to be enough for you, He wants to be your everything.  He has given His all so that He could be... so come with me, let's start walking in it...! Let's live a life empowered by His enough-ness. Really trusting Him for who He says He is! Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Three in One, ministering to your heart. 

You can trust Him.

He is enough.

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