28: the chase

Last week my daughter and excitedly made our way to a local hospital to take in the sight and sound and feel of a newborn baby. 

There is simply nothing that compares to new life.

I can still feel his velvety soft skin against my cheek. The weight of promise in my arms. The joy when he would peek open an eye and peer into my own.

Brand new.

His entire life spreading out before him. Promise. A hope and a future.

I thought of this precious little gift as we studied the life of Saul-to-Paul tonight at Bible Study. That moment of new life found on the road to Damascus.  From darkness to light. From light to lightbearer.

I reflect on my own life made new in Christ. That time as a baby Christian, completely dependent on my Father. Spiritual milk my only nourishment for far too long… then… those first fumbling attempts to feed myself. What a mess I made of that! So many mistakes… yet I think that my Father smiled as He looked upon my sticky hands seeking to do His will.

Those times that my Father went to the other side of the room, and with an encouraging smile beckoned me to “come”… and stumbling, reaching, I made my way toward Him. Each time going a bit farther, so I must look harder, traverse more obstacles, learn more, be refined.  

Sometimes He must let go of our hand so we can learn to chase after Him.

I am chasing. And though at times He feels far off, I know that His eyes glisten with joy as He hears my footsteps coming ever nearer, nearer, nearer… 

Tonight I am thankful for the chase. I am thankful for the road from darkness to light... and from light to lightbearer. I am thankful that I can look back and see growth... yet look forward and see where He has yet to take me.

And I am thankful that I can be fully present in the season He has me in now. That I can rejoice in who He has created me to be.  That I can trust the process... and enjoy the chase.

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