03: something exciting!!!

Tonight I am thankful for a great meeting of the minds with some beautiful women of God! The Lord has given us a vision to hold a Women’s Conference to minister to the women of our area… and it’s going to be so, so, so good!  We are still hammering out the details… so I can’t tell you much… but I can tell you that it’s going to be BIG, it’s going to be CHALLENGING, it’s going to be ENCOURAGING, and it’s going to have JESUS all over it!

And I am SO excited about it!

I am thrilled that the women He has called to work together are from different churches, different backgrounds, different denominations… yet we are all ONE.  Isn’t His Body a beautiful thing!? Isn’t it amazing what happens when we work together in unity?  Certainly we have different ideas and different approaches… but in the end we are all looking to the One who can already see this conference taking place and because of that I can totally trust the path He is taking us down!

I’m bursting at the seams to tell you more… but He says “not yet”… so in the meantime… stay tuned!

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