on. the. verge.

We used to watch Deal or No Deal all of the time, and occasionally I still catch the daytime version of it. On today's show, this guy was playing for his retirement. He had two big dollar amounts left on the board, and it was crucial that he keep both in. The tension was building. Howie Mandell was pacing. The contestant was wringing his hands. The girl standing at the suitcase was nervous, clearly feeling that the content of her case was somehow her own personal responsibility. The lighting was dramatic, as was the music. The focus of the entire audience was on the girl with the case. Suspense was mounting. And then Howie said the magic words...

"Open your case".... and immediately turning his attention to the camera he said... "after this commercial break".

The entire audience, myself included, let out a collective groan.

Why you treat me like this, Howie?

It's the hardest place to be... right on the verge of something... the moments before the big reveal... having an incredible surprise for someone(s) you love and having to keep it quiet... at least through this commercial break. I feel like that's where I am right now. Right on the verge of something big. Just on the edge of a mighty move of God. And He's saying... "I'm going to show off big time"..... "right after this commercial break".

C'mon God. Why you do this to me?

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Lauren said...

good comparison!