say what?

sitting at the computer, i heard zach laughing and yelling as tali chased him through the house... this is what i overheard next

tali- AAAaaAAAaaAAAAHHHhhHHhhHhhHHHhH!!!!!! [as she catches zach]

zach- oh man, i hate wedgie night.

tali- shoot!

zach- oh well, you can do wedgie night tomorrow.

tali- yeah, since i didn't get your underwear on that one.

they then walked together into their bedroom, sat down, and chatted about whatever was on tv.

as i looked on in utter confusion.


Anna Osmon said...

I love them! :)

Nicole said...

We here at Abba Youth are confused as well.

BeckyB. said...

lol. just asked and apparently they did not fulfill the wedgie night rain check. good thing.

Cute little me! said...

this makes me laugh

Carol said...

FUNNY! Is it any wonder my kids get along with yours so well? :)