papa don't preach

our baby, our sweet little lily, has found herself in a bad situation. it's really not her fault. she didn't mean to. she didn't understand. papa don't preach... cause she's made up her mind... and she's keeping her baby.


reactions are mixed. some of us are worried (me). some are mad (jim). some are "a little" happy (tali). and some are just plain ambivalent (zach).

we didn't exactly want this to happen. in fact, we had our sammy (miniature pinscher) neutered to prevent it. what remains to be seen is whether he had one last horrah before his surgery. he was neutered 61 days ago. gestation for dogs, turns out, is 63 days.

at this point, there's not much we can do. ideally it will turn out to be sam's, and she will have just one. sam is also a small dog and we know what we're dealing with. if we manage to make it to thanksgiving with no puppy(ies) we may have bigger issues on our hands, as we have no idea what dog managed to get to her (inside our fenced in yard!) and will have to watch closely to make sure she's not having babies too big for her to deliver.

never a dull moment. will keep you fully updated... and hopefully i will be able to report on a safe, healthy delivery of one cute, keepable little puppy VERY soon.