friday flashback

This is one of my very favorite pictures every of Tali and Zach. I took it in 2006, the day that the Boyles family went digital. I was so excited about my new camera (at the time a Sony Cybershot) and was determined to get "the money shot". I got tons of great pictures that day, but just could not get both of the kids to look at me and smile so that I would have one of them together. Finally, just as I was about to give up, Zach hopped on his bike. I asked Tali to try "one more time" for the picture (which she actually knows means as many pics as it takes to get the shot)... she walked over, put her arm around him, and BAM... there it was. We were having so much fun that day, and you can see that in their unusually genuine smiles... Tali with her sweet little smirk and Zach showing off every pearly white in his head. This is how T & Z look at their happiest, most contented, peaceful moments. This was the last picture I took that day. Mission complete. Seriously, aren't they they the cutest kids ever?


Lauren said...

Too cute!

Christy said...

I LOVE those big eyes!! AND that you are blogging again!!! YEA!!