God works in ALL things

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Look at the face of this little miracle. Isn't he beautiful? His name is Soren, and he reminds us that God works in all things. Every little detail. Even the unexplainable.

Soren is the son of Jim's cousin, Marjorie, who lives in Chicago. He has an older brother, Zain. This is family that we do not get to see nearly enough, but when we do the conversations flow freely and laughter is a constant. About a month ago Jim's aunt and uncle (who would be Soren's grandparents) were visiting the family. Bear with me as my details are second hand but the gist of the story is...

Taking a walk in the park something unexplainable occured- a van coming out of nowhere hit the family who were on foot. Little Soren in his stroller went flying. Everyone was thrown and the van drove off. A hit and run. The entire family was transported to the hospital and necessary bandaging, suturing, and xrays ensued. Amazingly, miraculously, despite being hit full on by a van... no one was seriously injured.

But something did show up on a scan of Soren. A mass in his abdomen, relatively large and eventually diagnosed as cancer. Had this little man not been hit by a van [as strange as it is to write] he would not likely have the prognosis he has today. Most likely, he wouldn't have been diagnosed until he started showing symptoms, until the cancer had spread, until treatments would be much more invasive and dangerous if they would be available at all. As it is, he's started chemotherapy and is tolerating the treatments quite well. He is facing surgery to remove the tumor, and I would appreciate your fervent prayers. To read a little more about him in order to know how specifically to pray, please visit his newly established CarePage.

It's amazing to me, to look into his beautiful face, and know that God may have saved his life through the unexplainable actions of an irresponsible, out of control person behind the wheel of a van. But that's how God works. In the details. In the impossible. In the unexplainable. It's times like this that I'm reminded I only see a small part of the picture, and even that I don't see clearly... but He... He sees it all. He sees our lives from beginning to end. He sees the lives of others interwoven with ours. And He knows best how to weave it together for good. Some of his stitches and strokes are unorthodox for sure... runaway vans in a park for instance... but each is perfect.

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Christy said...

What an amazing story! God's ways are not our ways for sure!!