Zach... aka Mr. Understatement

I'm painting my kitchen cabinets (a little at a time)... with Tali home sick I took the day off work... and with Tali asleep on the couch I took the opportunity to paint a few more doors. All was going well, actually got quite a bit accomplished. And I had even managed to stay relatively clean for a meeting I have with a client tonight. Score two for Becky!

Placing the lid on top of the paint can, I realized it was sitting all crooked. I tried to fix it, but it just wouldn't "pop on" when I pressed with my hand. No problem, I have an adorable little pink hammer, perfect for this occasion of sealing up my fresh can of paint. Tap tap at the back... tape tap at the sides... and then it happened...

I didn't pay attention to the pool of paint that had formed in the lip of the paint can after my last pouring. Yet it was there. And you can imagine what happened when I tap-tapped on the front.

It was rather impressive- a spray of paint straight to my head and shoulers. Spots of white paint in my hair, on my glasses, my lips, nose, neck, more in my hair (a lot in my hair, actually), all over the front of my shirt, my arms, my hands... I was like a reverse dalmation. Rushing to the bathroom I run into Zach who glances up at me, but does not hesitate, break stride, or make any comment at what had to be a comical sight to a five year old boy.

Strange, I thought.

Then, as I start to wash my hands he yells in from the other room "Hey mom, you got a little paint on your glasses".

Yeah. Thanks Zach.

Hadn't noticed.


Andi said...

he must have thought it was normal for you to get paint every where else i guess ;)

BeckyB. said...

he's obviously seen my work before!!! lol

Christy said...

DO you have a pic of that??? lol