spring fever...

my kids have gone stark raving mad. i'm not even sure who they are anymore. non-stop giggling. poking. teasing. more giggling. running. wrestling. yelling. back to giggling.
as i type this, it's 40 minutes past their bedtime... and they've been laying in their room giggling the entire time. they can't control it. playing outside, the change in the weather, the promise of summer vacation, ... it brings out the worst [best] in them. it's a strange quandry for a parent to be in. on the one hand... they are pushing the rules to the absolute breaking point. willfully trying your patience. purposefully annoying one another. on the other they are living life to the max. finding joy in the silliest things. walking around in a slap-happy stupor. there are times i know i should be disciplining, and instead... i'm dissolving into giggles right along with them. do you think spring fever is contagious?

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