puppies are fun, right?

look at this sweet little face.... seriously, isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen? a little bundle of puppy love... that's our lily. she makes me smile every time i look at her. her open, honest, curious face. how excited she gets with every new thing... or recently forgotten thing that is new to her all over again. i love how proud tali is of her. how seriously she takes her job of caring for lily [even the puppy-poo part of things]. i love how God plopped her right in our back yard... a puppy with the personality we'd prayed for, a puppy that doesn't mind bows and seems to like dresses, and the face that stole jim's heart ... just the dog we'd been looking for.

but lest we not forget, puppies are not all kisses and wagging tails. puppies can be frustrating. they chew on things [the corner of a study Bible]. they poop on things [zach's cars the movie rug]. and they occasionally get on nerves, even of those who love them [jim].

over the last couple of weeks she's become a little obstinent when going out the front door without a leash, and has delighted in the game of chase that inevitably ensues. therefore she is no longer allowed outside the front door without being leashed.

today, as the kids prepared to go outside and play, i reminded them not to let the dogs out. zach immediately procedes to let the dogs out. screaming at her frustrating little brother, tali slides in to the nearest pair of shoes [flip flops] and goes tearing out the front door trying to catch lily before she gets off the porch. no such luck. immediately i hear jim pulling into the drive. engrossed in on-line blog-reading, i decide to let him catch her.

paying no attention, i was surprised when jim burst into the house about ten minutes later, face red, out-of-breath, and proclaiming that he was going to get his shot gun and get that [insert appropriate explitives here] dog inside one way or another.


i quickly slide on shoes and run out the front door to what can only be described as chaos. tali is walking in the side yard, sobbing at the top of her lungs "daddy's going to shoot my puppy! daddy's going to shoot my puppy!" zach has a stick chasing lily through the front yard [apparently he was going to knock her out? not sure???]. our neighbor girl is trying to corner the dog. her dad is leaping for lily as she darts underneath his car. and sammy is frankly going nuts.

jim bursts forth from the house, not with a shot gun, thank God, but with a bag of dog treats. apparently she's heard his threats and won't go near him, even if he does have a tasty morsel of canine goodness. he eventually hands me a treat, getting down on my knees she quickly ran over to me, able to grab her she came into the house for a lengthy time out in her kennel.

good news... she and jim quickly made up. i mean seriously, could you resist that face?

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beverlyj said...

I feel your pain. We love Ozzy and how excited he is about life in general. Garry is seriously considering kicking him to the curb if he can't figure out the whole pooping out side thing. So, I say again, I feel your pain!