poooooor heidi...

not only did she get the short end of the stick when it comes to puppy hair (lily-her sister-has a thick, silky, beautiful coat... tali affectionately refers to heidi's hair as "scrawny"). not only is she infatuated with a cat that hates her. not only does she fall off the couch and break her leg. but she must endure the worst of all animal humiliation.

the cone.

and she hates it. even more than that, she hates having to be crated almost the entire day. the poor little dear managed to get her cast off saturday night, and when the vet saw her insisted that she be crated. and wear the cone.

mom feels so sorry for her she called begging me for pretty ribbon. if she has to wear the stupid plastic cone, the least we can do, mom reasoned, was pretty her up with some ribbon in the process.

add to all of this the fact that mom ALSO hurt her hip and continues to walk on a cane... carrying heidi in a puppy purse to keep her with her and away from the other dogs (because they lovingly tried to chew the cone off of heidi earlier today. they were seriously just trying to help)... it's like a sitcom around here.


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That dog was meant for me!