monday mind dump...

i have too much running through this little brain to narrow today's entry to one thing. so, thanks lauren for the mind dump idea... here goes...

* i should be working... but i've done all the paperwork i can do and am waiting for my new clients to be sent to me. i'm excited to meet them. and am thrilled to get to re-organize my filing drawer (say "yes" to the center-tab only filing system!)

* purchased the new addison road cd today. and am LOVING it.

* i am ever-astounded by God's glory. by His work in our lives. by His presence. why would Someone so great, glorious, beautiful, perfect, powerful want to hang out with someone like me? can't figure it out... but boy am i glad that He does!

* i have the best friends ever. [just saying]

* i've got some things i have to get rid of [like internal things]. i'm thankful that God revealed this to me and am looking forward to the freedom He's promised!

* please be in prayer for Grace Robarge. she's going to the hospital today to have her labor induced. we look forward to welcoming baby Lily.

* please remember little Grace in your prayers as well. she's home sick from school again today and we're starting to really worry about whatever is behind this unexplained vomitting.

* i really wish i had something powerful and meaningful to say here, but i don't.

* my husband stayed home from the cheer competition on saturday to clean house. yep- even the bathroom. even the toilet. he's a pretty cool guy and i love him.

yep. that covers it for now.


Lauren said...

praise God for babies and husbands who clean the bathroom.

We are all praying for Gracie today.

beverlyj said...

Although I wanted to smack my child amongst the head neck and shoulders for coming home "sick" today. She wasn't as sick as she would have wanted the nurse to think. She is still having the random throwing up thing though. I am very worried about it and keep calling the Doc about it and he is just as baffled as I am. It is always just hurry up and wait to see if she does it again.