meet ruby and shirley....

i cannot even begin to guess what they were thinking. i cannot explain how "ruby and shirley" came to be. all i know is i laughed til my sides hurt. i laughed til i cried. and then, naturally, i took pictures.

tali came into where i was working. with great bravado she announced a show... living with tali, impromptu off-broadway productions are not uncommon. swiveling in my seat i braced myself for whatever was causing zach to giggle uncontrollably in the other room. and then she began...

[there was no drum roll, yet somehow, i heard one anyway]

NOW INTRODUCING.............




that's my dirt-lovin', truck-playin', frog-ownin' son... in a sports bra and a hannah montana wig. wow.

and i'm digging on the jazz hands as well. this is my life. quirky. blessed. h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s.

[for those who need to know. zach is shirley. tali is ruby. and i have no clue where those names came from.]

i was informed after this post, that zach's wardrobe was not accidental. the black bra is for batman... the red shorts for superman. i'm sure this is the bait used by his sister to convince him it was "okay".
and because i didn't think to include it initially, the song that accompanied the show, sang by tali, was in part...
i am ruby, she is shirley
i am ruby, she is shirley
i am ruby, she is shirley
he is my sister.


Nicole said...

I love them, I love them, I love them. (And you too of course.) When can I get some of my own?

beverlyj said...

zach makes a pretty girl :)

Lauren said...

Boyles = creativity.

Anna Osmon said...

ha I love it!

Christy said...

Ok Becky, I don't even know you but that made my day. I laughed SO hard reading this!! Thanks!!