friday flashback

this is something i've hoped to make a feature on my blog for a while... but alas i seem to remember about "friday flashback" on saturday! none of you who really know me are surprised, are you? hopefully i will do a decent job remembering. my idea is to include pictures & memories that are special to me. i tend to live in the today and it's nice to have a good excuse to take a glance over my shoulder at the path that brought me here.

today's pictures were taken on our honeymoon. check out how skinny we are! holy cow! we spent our honeymoon not in an exotic far-off location, but in beautiful brown county, indiana. we went to the mall one day and cheesed it up in one of those corny [yet irresistable] photo booths. i love the third one... you can just see how happy we were, how much fun we had. the feeling was and is indescribable.

marriage can be tough. eventually the honeymoon has to end. but i'm learning now that with a little effort, a bit of work, a lot of patience, and a smidge of grace... the joy, the love, the happiness, the closeness, the desire, the fun... doesn't have to.

thanking God today for jim. for the way that he takes care of my family. for his smile. for his sense of responsibility. for his loyalty. for putting up with me when it had to be difficult for him. for his friendship. for his love.


Lauren said...

precious. just so sweet.

beverlyj said...

That is fun because I remember when you came home and showed us those pictures. I like the length of your hair too! I think you still have that shirt don't you? :)