so this is love...

i took this picture about three minutes after tali met this sweet little fur baby... and it honestly speaks for itself. anyone who doesn't believe in love at first sight forgot about puppies. we've been looking for the right dog for weeks and weeks [it feels like months and months]... and knowing that the best match for our family, especially for tali, was a morkie [yorkie/maltese cross, also called yaltese or malkie] we narrowed our search... only to find that morkies are having a run on boys this year [apparently] and females were both hard to find and extremely expensive if located.

i've spent hours on the internet, searching on-line classified ads for the right pup. i've called or emailed dozens of breeders. i've looked at pictures of hundreds of dogs. and the nearest morkie girls we could find were west of st. louis... knowing how patient tali had been looking for the right dog, jim donned his super-dad cape and agreed to travel to st. louis to meet the breeder and pick up a pup. it was not ideal, but it would have to work. we've looked everywhere else.

and then today, despite having made up our minds to buy the puppy from missouri, i looked at the evansville courier again... and i almost peed myself when i saw the listing for two female yaltese, in our price range, in VINCENNES! vincennes! can you believe that? all of our searching eventually led back to vincennes! and not only that, to a girl i knew from high school that actually now works for generations!!! God is good!

i called immediately and within an hour i was snapping this picture. tali's absolutely in love. she's named her puppy lily [our little easter lily!] and i can't think of a more perfect pup for her. beautiful long, soft hair, tolerant of bows, playful, loving... she's just a joy. as i type, zach is curled up asleep with sam; tali is curled up asleep with lily; and jim is at wal-mart buying a doggy dress [not even kidding... isn't he the best dad ever?].

we're all feeling pretty blessed tonight.

[if you want to feel just as blessed, lily's sister is still looking for her forever home. the girls' family bought them from missouri about a month ago, and mom has been given a job offer which will take her out of the home a lot more. they just don't have the time to dedicate to puppies. let me know if you want any info.]


Anna Osmon said...

God obviously wanted you to have that pup! :) So precious!

Lauren said...

adorable. can't wait to see her in person. (in dog...?)

beverlyj said...

Grace was so happy her friend finally got her puppy. It was so cute how excited she was for her! We love your new fur-baby and can't wait to see her again. Affen/Morkie's anyone?...lol

BeckyB. said...

so... would that puppy be called


Jeremyinc said...

I think Morkies are so cute. Great song by the way! message me and let me know who sings it, I would love to grab his cd.